I can hardly believe this day has arrived! For the past ten years, I have either been writing or promoting my memoir. During that time, I was blessed with the marriages of my son and daughter and the births of three grandsons. On the other hand, I got divorced, moved out of my house, underwent multiple surgeries, had cancer, and dealt with my daughter’s injuries after a horrific car accident.

However, the worst crisis was losing my mom. She passed away on April 22, 2008, eight long years after receiving an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Although I’d sat at her bedside for several days, I arrived one morning five minutes after she’d exhaled her last breath. I was grateful her battle was over. I knew I’d miss her deeply.

Later, I learned that April 22 is Earth Day. This seemed especially fitting, a reminder of how one’s energy returns to the earth when the body no longer functions. Every year my good friend, Kenlyn, drops me a note saying she is thinking of my mother on Earth Day. I truly appreciate her compassion.

When She Writes Press accepted my book for publication and since they publish on Tuesdays, I chose April 21, the day before the anniversary of mom’s passing. Thank you, Brook Warner, for giving me the opportunity to share my work. Thank you, Town Center Books in Pleasanton, for agreeing to assist me at my upcoming launch party (May 9th at Ravenswood Historic Site in Livermore). And thank you, dear family and friends, for your support, encouraging words, and love. I am forever grateful. ♥