On May 9th, I launched Don’t Leave Yet at Ravenswood Historic Site in Livermore. It was the perfect venue. Ravenswood is a restored Victorian, complete with a wrap-around porch and rich wood moulding and fireplaces. It sits among gardens and is circled by palm trees. And it has been the site of monthly poetry readings and open mics arranged by Livermore poet laureates for several years.

I truly felt at home in this gracious house. As I stood before my family, fellow writers, neighbors, co-workers, and friends, I was comfortable and relaxed, a surprising feat since I’d been concerned my nerves would get the best of me. I read sections from my book and saw welcoming faces and heard birds sing and water trickle in the fountain just beyond the open front door.

I am especially grateful to my daughter, Cara Gordon, a remarkable and energetic young woman, who set the stage with her sincere and proud words about me. And I am thankful for all who attended, who made my book launch one of the best days of my life.